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P. K. Singh is University Professor in the Department of Anthropology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, in the Jharkhand State in India. He is also Co-Ordinator, College Development Council, and Director, Computer Centre, Ranchi University. Recently he has been appointed Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Ranchi University, in addition to the other assignments.

Dr. Singh completed his doctoral work under renowned Prof. L. P. Vidyarthi. He re-examined the famous concept of Nature-Man-Spirit Complex and proposed a mathematical formulation to prove that the Complex was a constant.

Ranchi University Ranchi University, established in 1960, is the oldest and largest university in State of Jharkhand in India. Visit Website of Ranchi University for more details.


Department of Anthropology Established in 1953 in the tribal dominated area of Ranchi in the then Bihar (now Jharkhand) State in India, the Departnment of anthropology, Ranchi University is one of the premier departments of anthropology in India. Visit Website of the Department of Anthropology for more details.

The Oriental Anthropologist The Oriental Anthropologist is a peer-reviewed international journal published by the Oriental Institute of Cultural Studies, Allahabad, India. It is edited by Prof. V. S. Sahay, a well-known leading anthropologist in India. Pradip Kumar Singh is the Associate Editor. Visit the website of the journal The Oriental Anthropologist for more details.

Jharkhand State Jharkhand state is well known for two things – its abundant mineral wealth and its variegated tribal population. Thirty two types of tribes inhabit Jharkhand - ranging from the hunter-gatherers through the swiddeners to the settled agriculturists - thus exhibitibg the whole spectrum of cultural evolution.

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